RainXChange® Rainwater Harvesting

RainXChange Rainwater Harvesting Systems


The creation of an exterior water feature in your yard is not as environmentally irresponsible as some would have you believe. In fact, when tied into a rain-harvesting system, you are not only collecting storm water run-off and distributing it responsibly but are also creating a raparian habitat. Raparian habitat is the most rapidly disappearing habitat in the world. The plant and animal life that will be supported by your contribution to nature will replace the area disturbed by excavation and construction of your home, as well as many that surround it.

Harvested rain water can be brought up to standard hose pressure with a booster pump and used to wash your car, water your plants…

We have been proud to partner with the Aquascape Foundation on each of their projects. By combining rain water harvesting and sterilization we have been able to provide drinking water to over 10,000 people.

colombia dinking

Aquascape Foundation project, Baranquilla, Colombia



Aquascape Foundation Project, Kanuwloe, Ghana

This decorative rainwater harvesting system (below) collects water directly from the roof top skuppers which pour over onto a bed of gravel and slender upright accent stone.  The water tops off the top pond and wetland system before running over into a secondary pond and waterfall.  When this system is completely full excess water is daylighted.  An underground holding tank could be constructed from modular aquablocks to hold any amount of water desired for this system.

Oak Pond3 - Version 4 Oak Pond3 Oak Pond 4 wild meadow brook 038 New Boston, NH 153 New Boston, NH 152


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