water captures the ambience of mountains, trees and sunset on its rippling mirrored surface…


Our naturally balanced ecosystems provide you with a little bit of paradise, and less than 20 minutes work a week. For focal points and gathering spaces nothing beats one of our eco-system ponds or pondless® waterfalls. You could even go green and add our RainXchange® rainwater harvesting system to your feature to provide an extra outdoor spigot, irrigation, or fire suppression in a beautiful form to your property.

With over three decades of combined experience locally, across America and on three continents the team of Professional Certified Aquascape Contractors at Nature Scapes are  uniquely prepared to help on your next project.

Ecosystem Ponds/Streams

Oak Pond 4 aaFlewellings

What would you do for a sense of relaxation that helps you unwind from the pressures of the day? A relaxation that calls to you from the bumper to bumper traffic that represents your daily commute? A relaxation that only comes with the satisfaction of knowing that you don’t have to turn on a computer or answer a phone call, as long as you’re in this peaceful oasis?

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for a vacation that whisks you away from the daily pressures of life for only a week or two in order to experience this relaxation. Invite the idea of a water garden into your mind and your own backyard! Get ready to perch in your favorite Adirondack chair and close your eyes, listening to the sounds of the waterfall and breathe in the fragrance of plants. Open your eyes to experience the beauty of a waterfall, transporting you to a soothing, tranquil setting that just happens to be your own backyard. Revel in the thought that your children are enjoying your personable koi as they suck on their toes at the side of the pond. Delight in the idea of placing unusual plants in and around your pond and watching them blossom. Enjoy the presence of wildlife all around you as frogs, birds, and dragonflies buzz around your watery eco-system. It’s possible to create a low-maintenance, watery paradise in your backyard. Let us show you how. Contact us for a free guide to planning, creating and understanding your own water garden paradise.


What is the best size? An enthusiastic pond hobbyist always finds new plants or interesting fish to add to his/her pond. By some estimates, 90 percent of the original water gardens sold are replaced later with larger ones. As a general rule, a 180sq.ft. or 11’x16’ pond is a good “standard” size water feature. Trace your prospective pond with a garden hose to help you visualize what the finished size will be.

Where is the best place for my pond? Positioned as close to your home as possible, in an area where you can enjoy both inside and out each day. Many of our customers like their ponds just outside the kitchen/dining room windows, others by their front entryway or back deck. From these vantage points you can take in the beauty, tranquil sounds and interactive nature your pond presents every day! The one place you don’t want to place your pond is in the lowest part of your yard. This is probably the worst location for your investment because of the run-off that can creep its way into your pond.

Do you have to test the pond regularly and treat the pond with chemicals? No! Our ponds are living ecosystems so the plants, fish and beneficial bacteria work just like mother-nature intended to clean and clear your pond for you. A well balanced ecosystem is maintained with minimal additions of natural bacteria.

What is the cost? A fully installed water feature is usually similarly priced to a hot tub. Contact us for more detailed pricing.


recreational pond created with Chester Hollow Water Gardens and Alter-Ecosystems

2012-06-21 16.25.44  IMG_2531 SAMSUNG aa2 nearburg Balch St Pond My beautiful picture Koi OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA pondemonium2010jobs 311 waterlily flowers 124 flowers 108 flowers 054 shirmans 432 a shirmans Steves Pond_0008 pondemonium2010jobs 127 IMG_3054 IMG_3028 photo 3 IMG_2864 IMG_2682  IMG_2524 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA aaFlewellings OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


We worked with the folks from AlterEcosystems in Sag Harbor, NY to add new depth, filteration and a waterfall to this lovely pond.






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